A life lived not understanding your natural responses is a life lived fighting yourself.

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Mapuche writer and teacher.

Creator of SLG, an online school that helps people heal from stress and trauma using Indigenous knowledge and wisdom.

I'm Mandy Martini Chihuailaf,
Mist spreading over a lake.

mari mari (hello)

Being taught to control, suppress and ignore them is what got us to what the World Health Organization calls: an "epidemic of stress."

"My body is always in pain"
"I wake up and go to bed feeling anxious"
"I feel irritable and can't focus"

Does this sound familiar?

You were born with primal instincts.

teach me!

Watch this (free) mini class to learn what a huge impact the survival instinct has in your life.

Katie W. Ohio

Can't say it enough. Thank YOU for sharing your knowledge. You have been such an impact to me and my healing. Thank you!

Isabel's Children

Isabel’s Children is a money fund that goes directly to support survivors of violence and food insecurity in Indigenous communities.

In the memory and honor of Mandy’s chuchu (grandmother) Isabel- an Indigenous woman who despite a life filled with abuse, trauma, starvation and injustice, still did everything she could to help anyone who needed her. With her knowledge of healing, plant medicines, and her cooking, or simply opening her doors for someone who needed a place to stay, whatever little she had, she gave.

Isabel's Children is funded by every enrollment into SLG School.