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"I want to enjoy life and know that I will be ok no matter what."

Don't know if you're doing the "right" things to heal? No one can blame you. You've been taught that healing is learning coping skills when in reality, 
healing means you no longer need them.

Give your body a chance to heal like it was meant to.


An Indigenous approach to healing.

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Sound familiar?

You're not alone

"I can’t get rid of the heaviness in my chest"

"I’ve always wondered why I am so sad and can't seem to enjoy life like other people"

"I am irritable and can't focus on anything"

"The moment I wake up I feel anxious and overwhelmed."

"The tightness in my jaw and shoulders turns into pain."

"I get horrible migraines"

My rock bottom was realizing I might not make it out alive from the home I was sharing with my then-husband.

But that was my wake-up call, not when it all started.

For almost a decade I'd been in and out of therapy sessions. I tried medications, self-help books, everything without ever even getting close to healing.

At my best, I was feeling good enough to fake it through.

At my worse, I would lay in bed trying to remember if I'd showered that day or not. Or getting somewhere and having no memory of how I got there. Then I would sit there, anxiously rubbing sanitizer or lotion in between my hands.

My doctors told me my PTSD was chronic and that I had to learn to live with it. Or "cope" with it.

The way I was living my life, and the way many people live their lives, is not really living. It's just trying to survive. 

But I didn't want to live like that anymore.

What saved me from my abusive marriage and later, healed me from the trauma I'd been through, was the knowledge I'd been taught since I was a little girl.

My peoples' ancestral knowledge.

You know how 'they' say you have to hit rock bottom before you do something about it?

For years I'd been focusing on coping instead of healing.

Coping is learning how to live with your symptoms, not letting go of what's causing them.

What saved me was letting my body do what it was born to do:
complete the 'survival cycle.'

When we complete the survival cycle, we allow our bodies to move through the natural process that makes healing possible.

Mari mari, my name is Mandy Martini Chihuailaf, Mist spreading over a lake.

I'm an Indigenous teacher of the Mapuche Nation, and an Aztec (Southwest) and maayaʼ tʼàan (Yucatec Maya) descendant. A survivor of generational trauma, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

For the past 5 years, I've helped people around the world (SLG members in over 35 countries now) heal by teaching them to understand their bodies and the natural process of survival and healing.

What I teach is based on Native science, the generations of healers in my family, our Elders, knowledge-keepers, and over thirteen years of my own research and lived experience.

When survival responses become stuck in your body, they start to hurt you.

If you think about it, many symptoms mimic the fight, flight, and/or freeze response.

For example...

Fight response... anger, snapping, pushing yourself too hard.
Flight response... anxiety, addictions (ways to escape the pain)
Freeze response... depression, physical tension in your body.

Nervousness, tension, physical pain, feeling stuck, low energy, or even being sick more often are just some of the problems these stuck survival energies (hormones) cause.

Your body is fighting to survive 24/7-- that's a lot of energy wasted. Tired of being tired yet?

Your symptoms are your body's way of saying,
"psst, hey love, it's time to do something about it."

What many people don't know is that we're built to release these survival responses.

It's a natural process for your body.

The problem is, you've been taught to not trust your body and to suppress your instincts.

Think about it. Have you ever bitten your bottom lip in an attempt to stop your tears from coming, or tried to stop your body from shaking when you get angry or nervous?

We're told to rationalizes and control everything we experience in life, so the moment we go through something, without realizing it, we stop our body from doing what it's supposed to do.

And then we have to live with the consequences of that.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

I almost didn’t go through with signing up. Nearly convincing myself to put the money toward other debt. What a mistake that would've been. There’s no debt like generations and a lifetime of what we call stress/trauma. Or more accurately, living in survival. Especially those of us with a history of forced assimilation, colonization, and genocide.  

Before, I'd little capacity to deal with anything more and was easily overwhelmed.

Then I started releasing and working through SLG. 

I now have more clarity, heaviness continues to lift, triggers have lost their traction, my period (moon) cycles are no longer thrusting me into fight/flight/freeze. I wake up with a genuine feeling of excitement instead of anxiety, doubt, and dread.

Maybe it all sounds too good to be true but it’s not.

"I wake up with a genuine feeling of excitement instead of anxiety, doubt, and dread."

Victoria Lise
Ute Lands (Colorado)



the Science of Letting Go

What is SLG?

SLG is an online school and community that teaches you how to move forward with your life once and for all.

No more waking up worrying about anxiety or feeling helpless.
No more time and money wasted on managing your symptoms.

If you're ready to actually start living your life rather than pretending–– you're in the right place.

As Mapuche, we believe that every living being (including you and our beautiful earth) should live in balance and free to live your life. Not fight to survive.

Healing is a regenerative process.

Meaning, you go through something and your survival instinct is there to help you through it.
Then you release it so that your body can reset, rest, and heal.

That's how nature works.

You'll learn

To physically release the survival responses in your body (yes, even those from your childhood) so that you can live and enjoy your life, not be held back by your past.

All about your instincts and how they are impacted by your thoughts, experiences, and even the people around you.

To listen to the signs your body gives you so you know exactly what's going on and best of all, know what to do about it. (A life skill everyone should have.)

How to prevent being triggered into survival, or getting "stressed out." You only have one life, why spend it surviving.

lifetime access

When you enroll you get lifetime access to SLG. I'm constantly learning more and finding ways to translate and apply our traditional knowledge to how we live in Western societies. And this community is my family, so as I grow, I'm taking you with me.

Katie W., Columbus, OH.

I always thought I suffered from "restless leg syndrome" and although it would come and go, once I started releasing I no longer lay in bed wide awake trying to figure out how to make it stop. Now if I start to have the feeling, I will do a release and have no issues sleeping. This was a big pain point as I would lay in bed for hours trying to get comfortable, rubbing my leg, or even kicking the back of my calf trying to make the feeling go away or eventually take IBU just so I could sleep.  

Mandy, I am forever grateful for you and all that you share. I truly have learned so much from you. 

SLG has played a vital part in my healing.
It has changed me for the better and the future is looking bright.

"It has changed me for the better and the future is looking bright."

Today could be the day you start to release the survival responses in your body. The day you stop coping and get to feel and experience what healing really is.

what's inside








Video, audio, text... however you prefer to learn.

And to give you extra support,
Talking Circles.

To us, ceremonies are very important. But besides ceremonies, we also arrange talking circles that allow members of the community to come together and not only support each other, but help reinforce our knowledge and practices.

That's why, to offer you support and community, we have virtual talking circles.

• The moment you sign up there'll be 4 scheduled live Talking Circles over Zoom. They'll be spread out over the time of a month so that you have support as you go through the program. If you miss one, don't worry. They're recorded.

In each Talking Circle, you'll get a chance to share how you're doing, ask questions, connect with other members, and I will share knowledge that I continue to learn from my Elders and mentors that I think might help you.

Plus. As a lifetime member, you get to join any future Talking Circles as well.

ready to get started?


I’m falling in love with this course and it’s literally changing my life. I’m currently super sick and unable to do a lot of things so this course is what I can look forward to everyday.

Like phenomenal.

Destiny Kipp, Florida

"... it's literally changing my life."

SLG appeared at exactly the right time for me. I was struggling with issues relating to divorce and an extremely unhappy marriage. During the course, I also uncovered old traumas that I had forgotten/suppressed and was able to work on as well.

I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge I've acquired and to Mandy for creating this course and for her support. It has been a life changing experience, I would recommend it to anyone. 

Huge thanks and so much love xo

Heather Griffiths
Northern Ireland

 "a life changing experience"

I've come to see a lot of what I have not let go of and in the process, through your beautiful teaching of doing so each and everyday, each and every moment.
You're an incredible teacher and soul.

Entire course is an absolute get, keep and use! Blessings.

Socrates Gliarmis
North Carolina

"I want to let you know your course is INCREDIBLE!!"

A peek into the modules


Pain, anxiety, whatever it is. The majority of your energy is going towards your body fighting to survive. This affects your immune system, your energy, and your ability to focus. That's why the first thing we do is starting to physically release the survival responses so that your body can start the healing process.

(This is why members notice results so fast. Hip pain disappeared overnight, "best sleep of my life," feeling lighter, more energy, etc etc.)

Think about all the things that bother you in your life. That makes you nauseous, worried, and overwhelmed. From news, social media, work, maybe even your loved ones-- stress is everywhere. This means your body will respond with the survival instinct to help you go through it.

It's so important to know what triggers you. Not because you can avoid it completely (unless you become a hermit), but so that you can prevent stress on your body as much as possible. In this module, I'll show you how you can spend less time reacting and more time enjoying your life.

Imagine waking up feeling at peace and connected with who you are. This is where your environment, mind, and body come into a full circle and you see how connected they are to each other. And how important it is for you to pay attention. It's like an ecosystem, you have to focus on the whole, not just on one part of you.

You'll learn how to build connections and boundaries (might seem like they contradict but they actually don't) to help you even when this society or who knows, a random stranger, throws you a curveball.

You were meant to do so much more than living your life just trying to survive each day.

After seeing the life-changing (promise I'm not exaggerating) results from SLG members, this bonus module was born. It's here to help you get ready for a new chapter in your life, however that might look like. All I know is that it looks bright.



Prevent & Rewire


Your Environment

Moving On


Frequently Asked Questions

"I have a lot going on now, is there a time commitment?"

Nope. Once you're in you can take all the time you need. As a SLG member, you're a member for life, meaning the knowledge and support will always be there for you. The only time commitment is our Talking Circles if you want to join them live, otherwise they're recorded so you can watch later when you have time.

"But like... how does it work?"

● the SLG School platform is online and compatible across all computers, tablets and mobile phones.
● Inside you'll find all the lessons, exercises and details for the Talking Circles + past recordings.
● Each lesson has a comment section where you can ask questions and talk to other members.
● Once you've finished, a SLG Vault will appear with a collection of resources, past recordings, and much more.
● You're also invited to all future Talking Circles that goes on throughout the year(s).

"I'm going to be without online access, how do I do?"

You can download the mp3's and/or transcripts of the lessons.

"How often does SLG open for new members to join?"

Not often. Last year we had two openings.

There are two reasons for this:
One, I want to make sure I'm able to offer support to all members.
Second, I find it important to keep learning from my Elders and teachers so I can bring it back and share with you.

"I don't know if I can spend this kind of money... are there scholarships?"

There are no scholarships. I understand that $349 is a lot of money but it allows me to keep this school running 24/7- all year around. It helps give members like you the support you need. And–– it allow me to support our native communities and makes it possible for me to even be here and share our knowledge with you.

Like SLG member and native sister Tori said, "I almost didn’t go through with signing up. Nearly convincing myself to put the money toward other debt. What a mistake that would've been."

Or Julie, "The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program... the change that it's made in my life... it's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner."

I see our ancestral knowledge much like an investment.
What you'll learn will not only help you for the rest of your life but it will also help future generations.

Ask yourself this...

Do I want to continue spending my life wasting time, energy, and money on coping and just trying to get by? Or am I ready to let go and start my life?

Melissa Zepeda, California

I was a zombie walking through my everyday routine and missing out on what matters. Now I'm on a roll living my best life BECAUSE OF YOU!

I've been much more aware and living in the moment.
I promise you, the birds chirping every morning have never sounded more beautiful.

Do you realize how grateful I am for you?
 It's because of you and your willingness to share with others your incredible knowledge.

"You really have no clue what you triggered and what you started IN ME!"

You: "but nothing ever works for me"

Before, I didn't know that I was living with stress. All these physical symptoms were happening and I would just live with it. And then I would end up in the hospital hooked up to a machine because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I was in and out of hospitals for years because I couldn't keep food down. I was vomiting up everything.
Turns out it was stress and anxiety and it took 31 years for me to be able to help myself. The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program, in the one year that I've been practicing the tools that you've given me, the change that it's made in my life, how much of the darkness it's lifted off my shoulders-- it's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner.

"I just wish I'd it sooner."

Julie Ponte, Ontario Canada

meet julie


I've been where you are right now. I know what's out there and how confusing and overwhelming it is. You worry that nothing is going to work because you've tried so many things and you still don't feel like yourself.

But remember, what you've been doing before is coping and working against your natural responses. This is not.

Don't let this society's confusion of what healing is and who you are as a human being be the reason you walk away from something that could help you enjoy your life.

To make you feel better about investing and taking a chance on yourself, there's a 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

All you have to do is give SLG a fair chance. That means you go through the lessons and do the exercises.
If within 30 days you feel like it did nothing for you, then just send me an email and I'll refund you right away.

To be clear, to be eligible for the SLG 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee, there are two requirements:
(1) Request refund within 30 days of enrollment, and (2) Show proof of completion.


There's a big difference between trying to survive your life, versus actually living it.

Isabel's Children

Isabel’s Children is a money fund that goes directly to support survivors of violence and food insecurity in Indigenous communities.

In the memory and honor of Mandy’s chuchu (grandmother) Isabel- an Indigenous woman who despite a life filled with abuse, trauma, starvation and injustice, still did everything she could to help anyone who needed her. With her knowledge of healing, plant medicines, and her cooking, or simply opening her doors for someone who needed a place to stay, whatever little she had, she gave.

Isabel's Children is funded by every enrollment into SLG School.